Baby Anna

Things have been busy since my very first blog post, kids are back at school and Jenna is embarking on her last few weeks of year 12, but I wanted to share with you some of the shots from my first birth, again I missed the actual birth by about four minutes. After a mad dash to the hospital in the early hours of the morning, I arrived in the birthing suite just after she had been born! Lauren and her husband Jan, were looking so relaxed and after being introduced to the gorgeous baby Anna, I quickly started to take some photos.  

I found the whole experience fascinating. I had been present, many years ago at the grand old age of twenty, when one of my best friends had given birth to her first baby, and of course I was there ( sort of ! ) when I had my own children, but to not be emotionally connected, was entirely a different experience and I noticed things that I hadn't seen in my previous experiences at a birth.      

I hope that I captured those first few precious minutes of Lauren and Jan meeting their new baby, and the joy, excitement  and love that new parents feel for this new little person in their life. Lauren and Jan made it very easy for me to get some great shots, also the midwives who had delivered  Anna were fantastic and not worried at all by me creeping around with my camera !  

So I hope that this is the first of many birth stories for me, and that you enjoy these shots as much as I enjoyed taking them.

Claire x



Bride Baby_0016b.jpg
Bride Baby_0036b.jpg
Bride Baby_0173b.jpg
Bride Baby_0151b.jpg
Bride Baby_0357croppedpsd.jpg